Make Advanced Buttons for your website - ASP Version Only.

This section will help you make 'Add Buttons' for your store. These 'Add Buttons' also allow the shopper to choose the 'Type' of some product. For example, products may only differ in size or colour. You can add a drop-down menu to allow shoppers to choose the type of product they want. However, the description, price, postage and vat code must all be exactly the same.
Don't forget to update the 'Products' file through Administration.

Here is an example:


The format for the two 'type' inputs are:

Product Type|Type Code

Note that the'|' character is found to the left of 'Z' i.e. 'Shift \'. It usually appears on the keyboard as two small vertical lines on top of one another. It is commonly called bar; or; or-bar; v-bar; pipe; vertical bar.

For the example above, the text input would be:

Type 1 Type 2



Note that the 'Type Code' should be short (typically three characters) because this value is added to the Product Code to identify the Types. If the shopper chooses a red, medium TeeShirt then the Product Code would probably appear as TSHIRT-MED,RED.

Make your buttons

Fill in the details and press 'Get Button Code'. You will be given a selection of button arangements with the apropriate HTML code to insert into your web pages. When a shopper clicks on these buttons the product will be added to their shopping cart. If you choose the same 'set' of buttons when you configure your store then there will be some consistancy within your store.

Mandatory Fields

Product Code

(Use a simple unique code like GPH01 to help you distinguish your products)

Now list the types of this product available.

You can have up to two exclusive lists. Leave Type 2 label blank if not required.
Use the format described above.

Type 1 Type 2



Now Choose the button type

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Set 6
Set 7

Click Here to get 'Add' buttons

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