Dedicated Servers

Renting dedicated servers is all about control, resources and flexibility.

With your own box you have full remote admin control and unlimited flexibility over software installation. With your own box, constructed to your requirements from premium Intel hardware, the server's entire resources are exclusively available to drive your business applications. The rental advantage helps you manage your costs without hardware outlay and upgrade as your requirements scale.

Choosing the right web hosting package and provider is a crucial decision for modern organisations. You need to make certain that your requirements are properly met by whatever solution you choose and that, as well as offering a reliable daily service, your provider has the flexibility to deal fluidly with any changes in your needs over time.

Three of the key reasons for choosing a dedicated server over shared hosting are:

Speed - Having your own server means that the processor, memory and disks are working just for you. Your site will not suffer due to excessive traffic to other peoples' web sites, so you can take full advantage of the resources available.

Security - No server can ever be 100% secure but if you are serious about data security a dedicated server is the best option. Shared server hosting is fine for smaller websites, but we would advise that anyone with a more complex site or storing customer or sensitive details maximise their control over security issues by using a dedicated server. If you are serious about e-commerce, you should also consider a thawte certificate.

Scalability - Growing businesses may need to change rapidly. Dedicated Servers can be relied upon to be ready to grow your hardware solution with you at your pace, and will help you manage any upgrades to minimise downtime.

RedHat Linux is the industry standard operating system for web hosting and Internet Services, serving some of the world's largest and most complex web sites. RedHat Linux offers the power, reliability, flexibility and value for money typically associated with open source solutions. It provides a cost-effective, highly stable platform that offers superior multi-tasking and security features. The operating system (OS) of choice for many Web developers, most Linux servers are delivered with the World's most popular Web server, Apache.
Microsoft Windows is the choice of many small businesses and large corporations. Ideal for MSCPs, MCSEs, Visual Basic programmers and projects that require ASP, SQL or Office components, we manage hundreds of Windows servers giving you confidence that your web server is in good hands. Windows 2000 provides a powerful, scalable platform with relatively easy-to-use management and administration tools. Its powerful multi-tasking and broad-based application support makes this a popular choice for enterprise-level hosting requirements.
Sun Microsystems When it comes to server reliability and performance Sun Microsystems is the market leader. Sun servers are built around the Sun Solaris operating system and are ideal for customers who need a seriously heavy duty UNIX system. Sun Servers are also ideal for operating demanding web sites, e-commerce enabled web shops, complex databases or Internet portals.
The Cobalt RaQ is ideal for web designers, resellers and entrepreneurs who want to concentrate on running their business rather than their server. So simple even a child could use it, the Cobalt RaQ allows you to add up to 200 web sites on one machine. What's more, setting up and configuring accounts is all done via an easy to use web based control panel.














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