TopShopper II Specification



runs on any ISP service or can be user-hosted
can be implemented on both new and existing sites
simple set-up procedure
requires only rudimentary knowledge of HTML
allows the integrator complete freedom of page and site design
places no restrictions on page authoring tools used
search engine friendly shopping pages
efficient scripts giving fast page download times
easily integrates with secure payment systems
unlimited number of products
is available off-the-shelf




uses a system of 'includes' to integrate seamlessly into your site
Cross Selling and Up Selling can be configured to increase profits
integrated mailing script
adds customers to a mailing list
merchants can choose language attributes -
    cart, basket or trolley - post and packing, delivery or shipping
handles shipping and handling world-wide
handles VAT
allows price breaks when a multiple number of the same product is     ordered
able to set maximum numbers for each product
general sale discount can be applied to all products at the flick of a switch
configurable marketing survey
can configure system to offer payment by cheque or postal order
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support
configurable font and background and other attributes
stock control
logging of sales


Customer Experience

Customer Experience

easy to follow checkout procedure
a comprehensive cart summary can be made available on each shopping     page
thumbnail images of products in the cart
allows for the use of 'promotion codes' giving selected customers     discounts
regular customers can save their personal details for next visit
customers can save their cart contents for next visit
products can be added to cart without viewing cart every time
single product sites allow customers to go straight to checkout without     viewing cart.
allows customers to print quotes and invoices
can be used to provide quotations only
HTML or text emails


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Integrator's Manual

The Integrators Manual is can be downloaded free. Have a look. If there is anything you don't fully understand, just contact us via the contact form.

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